Natalie Portman And 'Ratty-Assed' Boyfriend Invite You Into Their Trippy 'Tantric Revelry'

Feel like crying today? Great! Thanks to Natalie Portman, queen of bizarre short films that never fail to please, a new music video collaboration with her homeless-but-hot folk singer boyfriend Devendra Banhart will bring on the tears. Whether they’re from fits of laughter or rage, we can’t say for sure. What we do know? This acid trip of a video starring Natalie as Princess Carmensita and Devendra as her “ratty-assed Compadré,” whose impressive Harry Potter treasure trail peeks out from various loincloths, might just be the best short Natalie has ever been in. Sure, her Gangsta Rap on SNL was epic (“All the kids lookin’ up to me can suck my dick!”), her bare butt saved Hotel Chevalier from putting us to sleep, and the best short film from Paris, Je T’Aime featured Natalie in one of the most romantic visions of Paris we’ve seen to date. But can any of these compare to killer snakes flying out of her eyes, demon avatars best viewed while stoned, or watching Natalie transform herself into an octopus, whose tentacles Devendra “entangles himself in”? Watch this truly bizarre video after the jump.

From what we can tell, Devendra plays the Ewan McGregor savior type to Natalie's Nicole Kidman-esque captive, à la Moulin Rouge, rescuing her from some kind of King capable of multiplying himself in an effort to hypnotize the doomed lovers. But thanks to a magic rainbow attack thrust from Devendra's forehead and dusted with Natalie's "divine aura," the King is dead. Unfortunately, a Goddess of Change lures Nat's hero away by wearing nothing but blue body paint (Devendra "likes her dress"), and our Princess pouts, turns herself into an octopus and, well, we finally get it. Banhart is not some scruffy hobo undeserving of the most likable actress in town — he's kind of gorgeous, his torso is kind of mesmerizing, and as for the song? It's headed straight into our iPod as soon as we finish this post.