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Growing up with a famous last name is usually pretty helpful when it comes to forging a career, and none more so, points out the Financial Times, than in the beauty business, where you can either slot yourself into a cushy role within the family empire, like Aerin Lauder or Olivia Chantecaille, or use your ready-made brand identity to start your own company, like Vidal Sassoon's son Elan.

The 38-year-old, who spent ten years as a Hollywood producer before coming to his senses and cashing in on his father's fame, has opened two hair salons, one at 505 Park Avenue and one in Boston, with "crisp white interiors, iPods and goggles for screening blockbusters during blow-dries." We're not quite sure how that works, but if it means not having to talk to your stylist, he's on to something.

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