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This is going to be the saddest holiday season ever! Not because so many people have been laid off in recent months, real estate values have plummeted, and stock portfolios are underwater. Even those who still have jobs can no longer look forward to one of the few remaining perks in corporate America—the holiday party with a neverending supply of free food and drink. Companies have been canceling their annual shindigs left and right in recent weeks, thus dashing the dreams of countless mid-level executives who have been dreaming of getting the cute assistant in human resources liquored up and making out with her in the coat room since, well, last year's party. After the jump, a list of local companies that have canceled their Christmas festivities thus far. Are we missing some? Email us at

ABC News

News Corp. (Update: Not canceled, just scaled back, it appears.)

Morgan Stanley


American Express




Goldman Sachs (rumored!)