Batman Vs. Momzo the Clown: Your Christian Bale Kin-Assault Round-Up

We return you live to the frontlines of the Dark Knight Dark Publicity™ campaign, where the comely star of the highest-opening movie of all time—we swear we're looking for any photo that registers less than "sweltering" on the Bat-Hunk Meter, and coming up short— is facing down his most formidable foe yet: His professional clown mother, Momzo. Here's all the latest:
· The Daily Mail is reporting that Bale "flew off the handle" when his mother said "some outrageous things" about the actor's wife, makeup artist Sandra "Sibi" Blazic. He responded by calling her some very heated, un-Batmanly-like things, and was charged with Class 5 verbal assault, the least aggravated of all verbal-assault classes. (Class 1 is when you start entering the "You farty nincompoop!!!"-area. Thank god he didn't go there.) [Fox News]

· Other reports have the "lashing out" as being downgraded to a "push," or possibly just a "brush" inflicted on the mother. [THR]
· Bale reportedly lost his temper on the set of Terminator Salvation recently, telling the DP, "I will kick your ass!" in front of hundreds of people after learning a scene would have to be reshot. McWhy?! [TMZ]
· The incident isn't exactly doing any favors for the Burger King Dark Knight tie-in campaign, which encourages Whopper-lovers to "give in to their dark side" We couldn't find the ad online, but we did find a German one. Everything is funnier in German! Hat Batman Angriff seine Mutter und Schwester? Nur der Dark Knight weiß! [YouTube]