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♦ Election returns may set TV viewing records tonight, assuming there's some "suspense." [AP]
♦ What's been on cable news channels all day? Mindless talk and speculation, for the most part. [TV Decoder]
♦ It's possible the networks will call the election before the polls close. [THR]
♦ Some of the high-tech wizardry in store tonight: CNN plans to feature 3D "holographic images" of the network's remote correspondents in its New York studio. [WSJ]
♦ More trouble for tabloid kingpin David Pecker: John Miller, AMI's chief operating officer, has resigned. [NYP]

♦ MSNBC star Rachel Maddow tops Out magazine's new Out100 list. [Out]
♦ George Kliavkoff has stepped down as head of NBC Digital. [SAI]
♦ Tech mogul Kevin Ryan is expecting his companies to generate $50 million in revenue this year. [NYO]
♦ Just so it's clear, the Times is not selling [AllThingsD]
♦ Tom Friedman sat next to Angelina Jolie a couple of years ago and had no idea who she was. [NYO]
♦ Fox & Friends have trouble telling black men apart, apparently. [HuffPo]