Yahoo exec stars in Bollywood-themed propaganda video

"Nicki is editing one helluva an inspiring video," read Yahoo corporate-blog editor Nicki Dugan's Facebook status last night. Sounds like it was a hit. A tipster writes: "You are gonna love the Ash and Venkat lovefest video just shown at Y's all hands to the tune of the Friend's theme song! It's like Bollywood meets typical vacuous Yahoo! propaganda, yet still makes you laugh. Enjoy!" The "Ash" in question is Ash Patel, the famously do-nothing executive recently put in charge of Yahoo's products group. I'm just impressed that Dugan got Patel off his duff twice in a row.

He aptly played a janitor in Dugan's previous "All Hands! The Movie," whose star, Jeff Weiner, recently left the company. If only Patel would copy Weiner's moves. Starring in videos seems to be all the Yahoo oldtimer does these days. Anyone care to send a copy of his latest starring role?