House Republicans "fired off" a strongly-worded letter to the editor of the New York Times today, because that mean and biased newspaper asked John McCain to write a second draft of his stupid editorial. It's hilarious for like ten reasons. Look, regardless of the quality of the work the Times op-ed page prints, you do, as a political candidate, have to aspire to a certain level of pretend-seriousness before you can be printed there. Having a junior staffer throw together old talking points and attack-ad rhetoric is just not acceptable. And so now we have House Republicans crowing about a mythical right of "equal access" to the op-ed page of a privately owned newspaper. Ha ha do they want to bring back the fairness doctrine? Anyway let's all climb the New York Times building and burn it to the ground. Or let's make like the GOP wants to do and buy a full-page ad in the revenue-starved paper. That'll teach 'em! [Politico]