10 questions to ask after getting a startup job offer

Twitter needs help staying up. Maybe that help is you! But before taking that job offer ��� or an offer from any startup ��� Venture Hacks has 10 questions you should ask. We've condensed their list down from 1,250 words to a version you can read comfortably on your iPhone 3G before your next interview, below.

  • Give me the offer in writing?
    Good answers: ���Yes,��� and ���Let���s work out the major points and we���ll give you a written offer."
  • How does my compensation compare to my peers?
    Your peers: someone who joined at the same time and has the same title.
  • What are my options worth?
    Know how many options you have and how they vest. You will have to pay for your options ��� an option strike price. High strike prices are more common due to high-valuation rounds (Facebook), founder cash-outs, and high 409A valuations.
  • What percentage of the company do my options represent on a fully diluted basis?
    People think this number is important���it���s not.
  • Can I exercise my unvested options early?
    Exercise options early to pay less taxes in an acquisition or IPO.
  • How much money do you have in the bank? How long will it last?
    Investors call this runway. You have a job as long as the company has runway.
  • What was the company���s post-money valuation in the last round?
    [Helps determine] the acquisition value of your options.
  • What are the investor���s preferences?
    If the acquisition price isn���t greater than the investor���s dominate the board.
  • Would I hire the CEO and board to increase the value of my options?
    Don���t join the company if you don���t trust the CEO and board to avoid opportunities to treat their stock better than yours.