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With the studios' post-final-offer, post-AFTRA-vote concession of $10 million in pay raises to SAG still having failed to bring the two sides together in a starry-eyed embrace, nervous Guild delegates are beginning to wonder if their president Alan Rosenberg—"The kind of guy that would trade heated words with his own clown mother, if it meant pushing his resolutions through!" whispered some—is really the man for the job. Now, a small resistance has sprouted from inside; calling themselves United for Strength, the celebrity freedom fighters spend all night mimeographing manifestos in the basement of a Fairfax Ave. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. From the LAT:

[T]he dissident group is running a slate of candidates to fill 11 seats in the powerful Hollywood division that are up for grabs on the national board. In addition, the group is competing for another 22 seats for those who serve as alternates to replace board members who often are working.

The candidates include Kate Walsh and Amy Brenneman, the stars of "Private Practice"; Doug Savant, who plays the harried husband Doug Scavo on "Desperate Housewives"; and Adam Arkin, known for his role as Aaron Shutt in "Chicago Hope."

In all, nearly one-third of the board's 71 seats will be decided in the Sept. 18 election (the deadline for declaring candidacies is Thursday). Although Rosenberg has one more year in his term, the results could be pivotal in gauging support for his negotiating strategy and could change the balance of power in the notoriously fractious 120,000-member union."We think the current leadership has put SAG on a dangerous path," said Ned Vaughn, a veteran character actor and spokesman for the slate.

The unmistakable smell of revolucion is in the air. We can only hope that UFS clings steadfastlly to its ideologies, and resists the urge to indulge its crasser propagandist impulses by throwing an iconoclastic image of Adam Arkin in a beret on a T-shirt that will eventually make its way onto the back of a clueless frat boy who picks it up as a souvenir while on vacation in Cozumel.