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The rapier wit and steam-engine mind of Jamie Lee Curtis has long been a going concern around Defamer HQ, especially since her uniquely immersive brand of social criticism (e.g. "I Have A Terrorist's Mind") found a dedicated outlet at The Huffington Post. The actress unloaded another philosophical blast on Wednesday, when the concerned mother in her tied on an apron and got to work in defense of American education — in particular, our endangered home-economics tradition:

Any mother or father for that matter who has taken care of her own home economics, cleaning, cooking, mending and minor carpentry skills will lament the lack of respect and remuneration given to those fields yet they are vital to the sustaining of any race of people and are crucial to a public body growing and developing.

Follow the jump for an even more-impassioned, all-caps rallying cry, a mockumentary adaptation of which Curtis's husband Christopher Guest will likely have sold today by noon.

I AM NOT SAYING THAT I FACE THAT DAILY ECONOMIC CRISIS, SO ALL YOU SOON-TO- RESPOND-WITH-YOUR-COMMENTS FOLKS TAKE A CHILL PILL AND JUST GO WITH ME HERE. I am not, for a second, trying even to relate to the daily struggle of a low-income mother trying to raise and educate her children in today's crumbling economy. I am only saying that my ability to sew this outfit, pants, hat, and jacket, with facing and grommets and zippers is only because I was TAUGHT. ... We need to let our elected leaders know that education should be the most important issue in this election. Without it, our children, the future of this great nation, will be unprepared and will watch jobs being given to people from other countries. I am glad that I was given these skills as part of a basic, public school education. I want that for all children. ... Maybe if Obama wins, I will sew him a nice tie to wear for his inauguration.

Wait — Jaime Lee Curtis went to public school? That would explain the run-on sentences.