"Just found out the the former President of my company is a lesbian. She was married w/ 4 kids! HINT—I work in Publishing," whispers a snitch on the YouBeMom parenting messageboard. No, not Bonnie Fuller, the secret lesbian was an "editor," someone else chimes in. Or, wait: "Wasn't an editor, she was in Advertising.. she has her own company now." Despite the unholy thread that unspools, we still have no idea who the secret lesbian—posited to be somewhere inside Conde Nast—could be. In case you were wondering what else these moms have on their shriveled little minds:Other quality threads include,

  • "omg— did the criminal search thing and found SO much on my brother. so sad."
  • "what would you buy for 100.00 at Bendels?" and finally:
  • "i think i have finally decided to go ahead and have my tail surgically removed."
    Like... a devilish gossip tail, similar to Satan's? We have no idea.