Jackson West, please come home — all is forgiven Why did I let Jackson West take a vacation? While our associate editor was away, we actually wrote something nice about Gavin Newsom — and he only had to save San Francisco from a rogue IT guy to do it! Microsoft's Windows chief, Kevin Johnson, ended up in Sunnyvale, Calif. — but not, as he'd hoped, in the corner office at Yahoo HQ . Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg flubbed more media interviews this week , prompting us to suggest he get help . Maybe he could take tips from the Internet-famous Julia Allison , who crashed his developers' conference?Allison's sort-of ex, Digg cofounder Kevin Rose, said he was buying Google . Surely not for Knol, Google's weak attempt at taking on Wikipedia — at launch, its search engine didn't even work. Jackson, come back and help us make sense of this crazy business! (Photo by Jason Calacanis)