The last time we checked in with Lindsay Lohan and her lesbian lady friend Samantha Ronson, the couple was embroiled in a scandalous toe-stepping scandal that culminated in Lohan ditching Ronson and Ronson shouting "Are you leaving," scandalously. Fellow patrons at the Waverly Inn were, well, scandalized. Possibly shocked fans may also have been distraught that the relationship ended mere weeks after its explicitly acknowledgement in the tabloids and a mere year after they started cavorting in public together. Well, prepare to cry more tears of loss, LoRo lovers, because, according to an emailed stalker sighting, the couple are acting like they're just friends — no graphic make-out sessions or whatever we expect celebrity lesbian couples to do when we see them in a public place.

"I spotted Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson in New York Penn Station on July 23 around 6:15 pm. No paparazzi or screaming fans or security. I believe they were trying to catch a train - problem was every train was cancelled due to a power outage. They didn't look like a couple and weren't carrying much luggage but Lohan did have a ticket/boarding pass for something

Boarding pass! Lohan DOES appear to be leaving, and not just the Waverly Inn, people.