Marc Jacobs To Maybe Marry The Fancy One

  • Marc Jacobs is maybe getting married! To the upmarket man, Lorenzo Matrone, in Paris. Will former rentboy and perpetual Jacobs ex Jason Preston attend Y/N??! [Gay Socialites]
  • Harvey Weinstein allowed his name to be taken off the Emmy nomination for Project Runway, a major moneymaker his company produces. For this selfless gesture, he is considered a real mensch. [P6]
  • Another embarrassing Eliot Spitzer item in the Post, this time claiming someone on the street heckled his "Attorney General" t-shirt. Yesterday he was being snickered at in his gym. He's either getting out more or pissing off the Post. [P6]
  • Heather Mills' publicist, who apparently does not read much in the way of press, has discovered that Heather Mills is "impossible." God, even the Times covered that story, and they're not much for vicious celebrity news. [Us]
  • Shanna Moakler threw a drink on Kim Kardashian and called her a whore for flirting with her ex-husband back before they broke up. Which sounds damatic, but they both have reality shows, so this is how they make smalltalk. [P6]
  • Poor Alex Rodriguez was harrassed by beautiful women at a rooftop bar and had to leave. But he was there with "two male buddies," so he was kind of asking for it. [P6]
  • After saying Britney Spears is not a "puppet," the singer's record collaborator Keri Hilson adds that Spears "never mouths off" and "takes direction very well." So not a puppet in strictly the literal sense, then. [Showbiz Spy]