The Night Is Darkest Before The Dawn · If it weren't for Dark Knight news, there wouldn't have been much news at all. After dispatching the Joker , Batman took on his toughest foe to date, the deranged Momzo The Clown (specialty: extortion ). Batman denies all of the charges , which is just fine with new Oscar frontrunner Aaron Eckhart. · NBC announced that Jay Leno will be abdicating his Tonight Show throne on May 29, 2009 while a disguised Jay Leno sat in the audience cracking wise. Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon will be spinning his wheels online for a few months before they let him loose on air. · Miley "Slut!" Cyrus took to the YouTubes to wage war on her new rival , Selena Gomez. · If you come within 1,000 yards of Brangelina's test tube babies , Brad Pitt will beat you to a pulp. · We finally learned what Judd Apatow's favorite season of The Wire was. · Surfer dude Matthew McConaughey cashed a $3 million check from OK! for baby pictures of young prince Levi. · Maybe it's just us, but Lyons & Mankiewicz doesn't quite have the same ring as Ebert & Roeper (let alone Siskel & Ebert). · Cuts at Vantage and Netflix made it another tough week for indie film. · Fer sure, fer sure, we counted down our favorite Valley Girls . · Don't bother with MapQuest, NPH can tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street . · And finally, the passing of Estelle Getty affected everyone, from teary YouTube eulogists to our own Molly McAleer . The saddest part? None of the Golden Girls made it to the funeral . Nevertheless, the memory of Sophia Petrillo will always live on.