For some reason, The Incredible Hulk star Edward Norton has apparently been telling fans that he wrote the screenplay for the superhero flick. This doesn't sit well at all with screenwriter Zak Penn, considering that he enjoys sole writing credit and says he'd been working on the story for more than a decade. Penn showed up at San Diego's Comic-Con 2008 yesterday and aired his thoughts to an appreciative audience of nerds.

"Yes, [the fallout] prevented me from collaborating with him [during production]. I don't really know the guy, he has his own process and he chose to do it the way he wanted to do it. That said, I kept in touch with the people making the movie - but he, you know, has his own particular way of working was unusual. I really don't know, I wasn't there, I was off making another movie, so it wasn't a situation where I was banging on the door saying, 'Let me come to the set.' But that was disappointing, I won't deny it. I wasn't happy with him coming to Comic-Con saying that he wrote the script. I can't tell you that made me go back and watch Fight Club." [PopWatch via OhNoTheyDidn't]