...says West's press secretary, Donna Brosemer: "I spoke with the FBI, and they said we were right to have alerted them."

See, West has to be extra careful because he brutalized some Iraqi in Iraq and the liberals wanted to court martial him. He escaped that, but now he is scared of what the Arabs might do to him within our own great homeland, possibly in concert with the liberals. NEVER FORGET.


Al Jazeera English confirmed they were trying to "interview" West, so no one was impersonating one of their staff and trying to trick West that way. But he still feels like he dodged a bullet, saying, "You know they are going to pull some tricks... I was not about to be a puppet for Al Jazeera."

West's district, by the way, is supposedly home to conservative pundits Rush Limbaugh, Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter. So you know where the killer pool parties are happening this summer.

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