Gossip Girl simps Blake Lively (that's the girl) and Penn Badgley (that's the boy) have played lovers on and off camera, and though their characters have split up (for now...), their conveniently press-ready real-life romance is going strong. Perhaps too strong, if a Page Six "spywitness" (really?) is to be believed: "It's gotten crazy, they are all over each other after every single take," the CI tells the paper. "He's in scenes with this new cute brunette, and Blake is all over him after wards. And no one on set is talking to the new girl be cause they don't want to upset Blake." This is notable for only two reasons. One, the "spywitness" (really?) is probably a spokesperson for the show. And two, there is absolutely no news today. So, suck it up and feed the machine. [P6]