Though previous efforts have either been big silly messes or soul-crushingly boring, Showtime has taken up the task of depicting New York's glittery, powdery, bewigged disco era. They've ordered a pilot for a series which begins in the months before Steve Rubell opened his legendary Studio 54 nightclub/cocaine & anonymous sex emporium. "The show [Studio] is less about the history of Studio 54 than it is about New York in the late '70s, what people were going through, the political and social issues," says a writer for the show. We love the beguiling, melancholic Mad Men, with all of its picky period detailing of the beginning of the end of the American dream in the early 60's, so maybe the same could work for this strange bumble of time. Just get the obligatory Andy Warhol winky winky out of the way, and it could be fun. What we're most curious about? Who will play the DuPont twins? [Observer]