We're not sure if the following Craigslist ad for a nanny is real or a spoof. On one hand, it's not quite over-the-top enough to be fake. On the other hand: "This job is very nontraditional in the sense that my kids are older and still need someone to "parent" them 24/7. My oldest son will be starting his first year at Columbia in the fall and will not be around much, but, will probably still need support. Picking up his dry cleaning, if he needs anything for his apartment, scheduling doctor appointments, anything to help him and his daily life run smoothly"?! (You'll also be "interfacing with" the family's assistants.)

There are five kids in this fam. You know, there are tons of agencies out there where you can find a nanny. Beware any family not smart enough (or too cheap to) hire someone through them! But:

  • "I have had a hard time meeting people that have been right for the position. We've sought help from agencies and other nanny finding sites and have now moved here in search for some more dynamic candidates."
  • "I feel that I must be up front, this job is a VERY much so a FULL TIME job with NO flexibility. Both my husband and self work full time in jobs where it is essential for us to work long hours (hedge fund and fashion industry)." (It's like Fashion Meets Finance, happily ever after!)
  • "MUST be 100% legal and able to speak PERFECT English. MUST be presentable/polished. MUST have SOME college. City savvy and Blackberry Accessible. AND willing to have at least a 2 year contract."

    But! Perks!
  • "18 days paid vacation. Half to be determined by you the rest by us. Health/Dental benefits (full, great plan) (after 90 days). 60-75 k DO. Option to live in our beautiful second apartment located on 84th between Park and Lex for a reduced rent."

    Whew. It's tough out there. Remember: the economy is only bad for some of us.