Condom Company Recruits Miley Cyrus As Another Make-Out Session Is Caught On Camera Astonishing as it is, Miley Cyrus — the little tween queen ofsexy "private" pictures that keep somehow keep becoming public — is currently at the center of three separate scandalous stories. Last week, the 15-year old Jesus-loving and shirt-eating mini-millionaire not only accidentally (of course!) found herself the victim of an iPhone hacker who published naughty wet t-shirt shower photos of her on the web, in addition to being the provacateur of a YouTube revenge video against Disney rival Selena Gomez. But there is so much more! Not only has Miley instructed her publicist to apologize for her role in said video, but the belly-baring icon of all young Christians has just been targeted as Lifestyles Condoms' newest spokeswoman because a brand rep feels she's "relatable to the afflicted set," and another clever blogger has unveiled yet another borderline-scandalous series of photos featuring the husky-voiced star getting hot and heavy with yet another ex-boyfriend — and we can't help noticing just how well-timed this particular "leak" is with regard to enemy Gomez' recent hook-up to that man-boy in the middle of their rift, Nick Jonas:Condom Company Recruits Miley Cyrus As Another Make-Out Session Is Caught On Camera Unlike those many photos of Miley kissing recently stolen ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, Hilary Duff and some rando old man, Cyrus was mysteriously photographed in a series of heavy lip-locks with the not-so-famous fellow crooner Thomas Sturges this month, a little-known singer who is said to be another ex of the apparently quite experienced Miley. We don't know about you, but when we were 15, we were still trying to get the tall blond boy who doodled cartoons during chem lab to at least lock eyes with us just once, let alone come within tongue-twisting distance. But luckily for Miley, all these presumably distressing photo leaks have landed her a potentially lucrative spokesperson job offer for Lifestyles Condoms, who claim her virgin-esque image is ideal as an "influential" face for the brand. Plus, they're offering the uber-mature tween a lifetime supply, "for when the time is right." Which, we have to assume, was approximately one year ago. The silver lining? Miley is "super sorry" about ripping rival Selena Gomez apart on YouTube! Because, like, "Elvis said imitation is the greatest form of flattery!" And, like, Miley is way richer than Elvis and way more important, so quoting him quoting an 18th century writer sounds way smart and stuff! [Photo credits: via Celebslam ]