Google afraid of Cuil? No. Google afraid of Cuil's press releases? Hell yeah Now we get it: Publicists at Google knew that Cuil was going to launch today, with coverage in the New York Times , the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere. How did they know? Because reporters called them for comment last week, seeking a response to Cuil's claim that it has the largest index of any search engine. That's why last Friday, Google's flacks hastily typed up a blog post announcing that Google had reached the 1-trillion-URL mark , slapped the names of a couple of software engineers on it, and made sure the national media were aware of this awesome story. Normally, a milestone event like this — 1 trillion URLs!!! — would be announced on a Monday, not a Friday. As a former search engine builder myself, here's what I think: Cuil is a much better pop-culture media story than it is a search engine right now. But Google's image-wranglers are aware their company is now the Goliath to everyone else's David in journalists' simplified minds. It may be folklore, but that kind of story only has one ending.