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"Cuil? Isn't that French for 'ass'?" It's not, but you'll find that out soon enough when you can't remember the name of search engine Here's a petite roundup of what other domains Cuil should have grabbed — and one they actually did — before launch.

  • cul, n. As noted, French for bottom. Porny philosopher Georges Bataille was a fan.
  • cull, n. To choose, select, or pick. Fitting, but, no.
  • cuill, n. The company's former name, an old spelling left on the company's own launch press release Sunday
  • cool, n. How we're supposed to pronounce it. The parked domain features one of the most charmingly random collection of search terms.
  •, n. Benvenuti! from this Italian porn site.

(Photo via Kiki de Montparnasse)