1. The paparazzi. It's time to establish some rules that when broken have some punitive consequences.

2. The Stars... Brad and Angelina could have taken a lesson from Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick¹s playbook. When their son, James, was born, they called every photo agency in New York and organized a photo shoot at the door of hospital as they were leaving. In one five-minute frenzy of flashes, everyone had the photo..

3. The magazines and the media... Movies advertise "No animals were harmed in the making of this film." How many celebrity weeklies and tv shows can say the same about the stars they feature? Let's invite heads of photo agencies, the stars' PR agents or the stars themselves, top magazine editors, TV execs and web producers to sit and talk (no paps outside, ok?). My agenda, if I were leading such a summit, would include...

Keep leveraging those awesome communication skills Joe!

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