YouTube's Naomi94 seems to be creating a sort of real-life Law & Order SVU episode with her latest video upload. The anonymous New Yorker describes a skinny black woman, apparently (she says) a crackhead, who shows up every Friday and Saturday night in front of a posh Japanese-French fusion restaurant Naomi94 frequents at Park Ave. and East 18th Street. With her as she panhandles, sometimes past midnight, is an 18-month old girl. Concerned for the child, the YouTuber finally called the police, to no avail. She's hoping her video, in which she reads off the name and phone number of her local precinct captain, will spur the cops into action, but if it doesn't she already has plans for an online petition and visit to the mayor's office. At the end of the video she asks viewers if they think she overreacted, which is a bit like a Law & Order detective throwing his case open to scrutiny from every grizzled, cynical cop on the force and every smart-mouthed hustler on the streets. As such, the comments are sort of a glorious thing to behold, especially the parts where Naomi94 reveals her not-so-altruistic side.

In no particular order (with replies from Naomi 94 in italics):

Get out of your liberal bubble and head into Harlem, or black areas of the Bronx and Brooklyn any weeknight after 11pm, you'll see more black kids ages 2 and up hanging out, getting cursed at, and witnessing all types of violence on a regular basis.

I can't help but wonder if you would have displayed this level of passion if the poor little girl was not cute.

what crime is this lady committing that you want the police dept to go investigate "preferable in unmarked cars"?!?! and if seeing this homeless child out in this streets at this time of night is so disturbing to you then why would you wait 4 a few weeks to see if anything has been done to post another video?

Some people should just not have kids , regardless of income , look at the hogans. You have a striking resemblence to Alizee the french pop singer.
naomi94 (7 hours ago) Reply
you know i have heard that before

you should take the baby and the mother into your home. Feed them, wash them and get them new clothes and call acs and wait for them to get there. by the way take subway ride from time to time there's plenty of people begging. oh yeah i'd love to see you on 145 and bradhurst at 10:30 11:00 pm on a friday or saturday.

Good for you, Naomi. I hope something beneficial will be done for the poor child. what happened to your left eye? I thought the ending will be that you fought that woman lol

Typical liberal yuppy, if you are so concern take the lady in and help her instead of going to one of the most yuppu restaurant in NYC. You also want to start a petition to complain about the captain and the way he runs things, remember he runs things the same way that lets u and your yuppy friends do yuppy things out in the open, try living your yuppy lifestyle 10 to 15 years ago, there would be more people like that girl on the streets that u so much care for but not in your neighborhood.

naomi94 (7 hours ago) Reply
oh shut up moron
you are just jealous that i can go to expensive, post manhattan restaurants and you are too broke to

Damn Yuppie!...Go back to France. The 13 pct probably has 3 cars working a night. So guess what a robbery or major crime takes precedence. the NYPD does not remove children from parents ACS does. Why dont you call them. Its not a crime to have your kid out late. Uncommon in NYC hahahaha U need to leave the nice area your in toots, this is common practice in the ghetto. You wanna help ACS. This isnt a bust, as you called it. Its a referral to ACS

naomi94 (5 hours ago) Reply
you are such an idiot
i make a video about child abuse and all you do is call me a yuppie! that is funny
The fact is: you are jealous that i go to nice, posh restaurants, live a fabulous life, have lived in france..... and seen things that you can only dream about.
it isnt easy being jealous is it? :-)

Kind of makes you wonder what's going to happen, no? Just like on the TV! Except with real, you know, consequences.