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John Paulson, the hedge funder who testified on the financial meltdown in front of a congressional committee yesterday, is having a meltdown of his own in the Hamptons. Seven months after he put his mansion on the market for $19 million—and after lowering the price to $16.9 million in August—he's dropped it once again. The Southampton spread is now listed at $13.9, which is getting close to the $12.75 million he paid for the property in 2006. [WSJ, PDE]
♦ Murat Ozyegin, the son of Turkish mogul Husnu Ozyegin, paid $6.2 million for a three-bedroom apartment 40 East 66th Street. [NYO]
♦ The 12,000-square-foot Harlem house built by Barnum & Bailey co-founder James Bailey is on the market with a $10 million listing price. [WSJ]