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We have all kinds of fun ideas for how Lionsgate can splurge with its new $340 million credit line, a kind of shocking development considering Wall Street's recent exodus from the deadly film-financing racket. The budget-minded 'Gate, having leapfrogged from one genre hit to another (accruing a $331 million cash war chest along the way, according to Variety) is evidently immune to the crunch, however, even nabbing a 2.25% interest rate we haven't seen since our very first student loans.

This is more money than any patron of Tyler Perry and Eli Roth really needs, in fact, unless it has some larger scheme in mind for world domination. After the jump, join us in hypothesizing some of the best — if not likeliest — uses for Lionsgate's extraordinary windfall. After all, it's a buyer's market!

·Tyler Perry's Inglorious Bastards. Let's face it, Perry's got more juice than Tarantino at this point, and Sgt. Madea promises to be as complex a hero as anyone in Tarantino's script.

·A $200 million Hostel installment featuring actual mercy killings of drunken ex-child stars and other bereft D-listers.

·Launch its own line of Crash- and Saw-themed greeting cards.

·Buy the Los Angeles Dodgers and sign disgruntled Manny Ramirez.

·Buy The Weinstein Company. (And still have $300 million left over.)

Sky's the limit — any suggestions?