Woody Harrelson Vs. Kate Hudson: Why They Just Can't Get Along Considering the free-lovin’, liberal personalities of two undergarments-fearing stars like Woody Harrelson and Kate Hudson, we were a bit surprised to hear rumors that Woody is “relieved” and happy now that Kate is out of BFF Owen Wilson’s love life for good. Janet Charlton is reporting that “Woody and Kate NEVER got along, but they put aside their differences for Owen...[Woody] never thought she was the right girl for him.” So why would these two hippie dippy celebs find it so hard to get along? After a bit of digging, we came up with three theories, from Woody’s big-screen debut alongside Goldie Hawn, to the skinny-dipper ’s habit of setting Owen up with mystery blondes while he and Kate were still together:1. Woody Was Owen's Personal Madam : Back in March 2007, when Owen and Kate were still in Phase One of their double act of a relationship, Wilson reportedly went on a Hawaiian vacation with his partner in paparazzi-bashing crime Harrelson, who owns a crash pad on the island. And the first sign of trouble in paradise came when Wilson was said to be hooking up with a Kate-lookalike coincidentally introduced to him in Hawaii by the Woodster. 2. Woody's Bare Butt Possibly More Scrumptious Than Kate's : And who can forget the, well, unforgettable sight of Harrelson's own set of natural born relationship-killers: the buns seen 'round the world while skinny-dipping with Wilson on a mid-Marley And Me , mid-Kate & Owen: The Sequel jaunt to Miami. Even Kate herself has pointed out her own lack of assets , and no matter how straight the Wilson is, who wouldn't be distracted from their current paramour's figure when face-to-ass with that behind? Woody Harrelson Vs. Kate Hudson: Why They Just Can't Get Along 3. Wildcats : Speaking of Woody's behind, both it and he made their film debut in the 1986 Goldie Hawn vehicle Wildcats , where Harrelson played Krushinski, the token dumb football player to Goldie's token ironic Chick Who "Gets" Sports role (see also: Bend It Like Beckham , A League Of Their Own or Blue Crush ). As the NY Times noted in their review , this was "very much Miss Hawn's movie," the trailer speaks for itself when it comes to showing how Kate's mom dominated gum-chewing Woody's first chance to show his stuff, and despite its memorable spot in '80s cult classic sports movies, the film holds a 15% Fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Whether or not Woody blames his dim debut on The Family is just a thought, but anyone as proud of their backside as he is might be miffed that its first shot at stardom was overshadowed by Goldie and her "sunny," "sexism-attuned" performance. [Photo Credits: Celeb Pulp , Ecorazzi ]