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The completely fabricated demand for Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards — the subject of white-hot, Weinstein-fueled media speculation until a real phenomenon worth covering came along — is reportedly entering the realm of fact on its way to a deal at Universal. Variety notes today that the Weinsteins may partner with the studio for a 2009 release; few other details are available except that Paramount is/was the second choice of Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein and, of course, a conveniently planted reminder that Tarantino met with Brad Pitt in his recent casting quest.

Naturally this crimps our hope that richer-than-ever Lionsgate might buy the WWII action drama for Tyler Perry to star and direct, but we figure it's nothing an 11th-hour appeal can't resolve in our favor. Either that, or maybe Spike Jonze takes a mulligan with Warner Bros. and tries his whimsical wares in the war genre. We'd take anything at this point if it came with a green light and an actual, filmed movie at the end of it.