At one time or another, we've all found ourselves mindlessly chattering away with clenched jaws to people we barely know as the clock approaches 6am. And while the impending sunrise is usually a good sign that it's time to go home, sometimes you just want to keep the party going a little bit longer. So you run to the corner and pick up another package. Before you get back to the party where your friends are, you can't resist the urge to open up the packet and have a little taste for yourself. So there you stand, sweaty and excited, as you tear open the package, quickly licking your finger and dipping it into the good stuff. You then give your gums a good rub, and that familiar feeling washes all over you once again. Ah yes, nothing beats a Saturday night on the town with an unlimited supply of Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip! Won't you join along as our own Molly McAleer presents this evening's To Do's while experiencing the ultimate (sugar) high with Willy Wonka's finest marching powder? Enjoy!· Black Kids at the El Rey. · James Taylor at the Greek Theater. · LA Craft Mafia Craft Up! at Saints and Sinners bar. · Christian Lander, author of Stuff White People Like, at Book Soup.