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For anyone who had a sneaking suspicion that yesterday's earthquake was just the beginning of the end, we offer you more proof: marginally recognizable drunk driver Khloe Kardashian has taken it upon herself to give advice to accident-plagued Shia LaBeouf ... and she suggests exactly what countless Defamer commenters have already recommended (namely, why don't these rich kids have drivers already)? Says Us Magazine:

Reality star Khloe Kardashian – who served 173 minutes in jail last week for a 2007 DUI charge – has some advice for actor Shia LaBeouf, who was arrested for DUI after getting into a car accident on Sunday.

"Just be smarter," she told at the Annual Style L.A. Runway show benefitting the Facial Paralysis Foundation & Stop the Violence/Face the Music benefit, which she co-hosted with sisters Kim and Kourtney at the The Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica, CA on Monday. "Think about your actions and get a driver!" the 24-year-old counseled. "It's so much cheaper in the long run!"

What is this unfamiliar feeling? Could a reality TV star actually be right about something? What next, Elisabeth Hasselbeck deftly parsing Newtonian physics on The View? David Hasselhoff interrupting America's Got Talent to read aloud from Kierkegaard? Rene Fris speaking coherently on the set of Shear Genius?