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The secretive team behind the late, great (backstory here) has returned to the Web. Or least that's what the founders of tell us. (And we're inclined to believe it, if only because the site is as wickedly funny as Socialite Rank once was and full of the same colorful collages.) It's an astrology site and promises to explain such mysteries as "why Leo ladies collect tens of thousands pounds worth of beauty products" and "why Virgo men bald faster than any other human beings." The email announcement is after the jump.

From: AstroCrack Team
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: From Socialite Rank to Astro Crack

How are you!

The creators of Socialite Rank have turned into dealers. And they're offering Astro Crack. Astro Crack is an edited dose of astrology served daily on a colorful and appetizing platter. There are variety of Astro Crackheads featured on the website: skinny models, ambitious politicians, dizzy starlets, obsessive designers, and many more! Click here for your taste of star crack and instant personality reality check:

Enjoy and remember that some addictions are good for you!

Lula and Luca,
Astro Crack Dealers