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Some observers said that when Google bought YouTube, it was buying a lawsuit. The total damages claimed in various copyright infringement cases against YouTube are now more than Google paid for the company back in 2006. On top of Viacom's $1 billion suit still pending in New York, Mediaset — the Italian media empire of irascible tycoon Silvio Berlusconi — wants €500 million ($777 million) for "immediate damages," and may ask for much more based on lost advertising opportunities.The suit was filed in Rome civil courts, and will certainly test the Italian implementation of the European Union Copyright Directive — a law similar to the DMCA in the U.S., but considered a little more friendly to copyright holders. It can't help YouTube that the case will be argued in a country where Berlusconi was just reelected to another term as prime minister after being acquitted last year of corruption charges stemming from allegations of bribing judges. (Photo by AP/Andrew Medichini)