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Yesterday we sent a big batch of coupons to Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein, just in case he was thinking of cutting back on his spending now that he won't be receiving a $60 million bonus at the end of the year. Today we're bestowing charity on the most beleaguered CEO on Wall Street this week, Vikram Pandit. The Citigroup chief announced plans to dismiss 50,000 people earlier this week, and Citi shares tumbled to a historic low today as the bank teeters on the edge of the abyss. Sounds like someone needs a little cheering up!

Pandit is Hindu by birth, so we're not sure he makes a big deal about Christmas, but we decided to pick him up some colorful holiday lights anyway. Just because there won't be a Citigroup holiday party this year doesn't mean Vikram can't boost spirits with some seasonal decorations, right? As you can see on the box—click here for a larger photo—the lights are energy efficient, which means they won't run up Citi's electric bill. And disgruntled employees are more than welcome to interpret it as a makeshift memorial since it's a set of 50 bulbs, one for every thousand employees who will be collecting unemployment checks in the near future.

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