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One of most poignant—and adorable!—symbols of the recession yet: In Greenwich one recent morning, "the only creature strolling the showroom floor of Carriage House Motor Cars was a tiny mouse." The Connecticut town that has traditionally been home to the Wall Streeters and gazillionaire hedge funds is swathed in gloom, reports Reuters. Car salesmen, jewelers, florists, real estate agents, and interior decorators, all accustomed to lavishly catering to well-heeled local residents, are suddenly finding themselves high and dry.

Even the town's teenagers are seeing their spending power curtailed, as evidenced by a leap in registration with Greenwich High School's job placement service. But there's at least one thing seemingly, and mercifully, unaffected by the downturn: Snobby pride in Greenwich's inherent superiority! "You're talking about a town that historically has housed some of the greatest wealth in the world," points out a local gallerist. "My guess is that, of all the towns, Greenwich is going to be affected the least."

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