Hiltons Probably Regretting Their McCain Donations

  • So remember how John McCain tried to somehow make an unflattering association between Paris Hilton and Barack Obama? It turns out Paris Hilton's parents have been funneling money to McCain! Thanks a lot WALNUTS. Did you forget the idle rich are kind of a key Republican constituency or something? [Oh No They Didn't]
  • Britney Spears has been hanging out in a Mexico hotel swimming pool with her 26-year old bodyguard, who she is now dating. He's an Israeli army vet and the fourth member of the singer's staff she has hooked up with. In the meantime, she let her restraining order against ex Sam Lutfi lapse, but doesn't want him coming around, so had her lawyer call Lutfi by his real first name "Osama."
  • Although Paul Newman's neighbor recanted an AP interview in which he said the actor has cancer, Newman looks mighty frail in these recent photos. [Mail]
  • Huge political scandal in Australia you guys: "Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd descended from thieves... underwear and sugar thieves and forgers." Just kidding, that's actually trendy down there right now. Seriously.
  • Sad Ed McMahon is losing his not only his house and but now also a divorce lawyer he allegedly didn't pay. [Post]