Mary Lou Jepsen on the high seas of Richardson Bay As relieved as we were to hear that Mary Lou Jepsen, the founder of cheap-laptop display startup Pixel Qi, had recovered from an eye infection acquired in Peru, we were a bit heartbroken to hear that she'd stopped wearing the eye patch she'd sported during a recent video interview. All the more so when we heard where she lived: On a floating house moored at Issaquah Dock, one of the houseboat colonies of Sausalito , across the Golden Gate from San Francisco. Arrr, mateys! Mary Lou has boarded our hearts and taken our imagination captive.Jepsen rocks for so many reasons: She believes that capitalism is a more effective way to do good than an ego-fluffing nonprofit . She's working on actual hardware, solving real-world problems that matter to billions of people, not catering to the whims of a San Francisco/Brooklyn in crowd with a Web 2.0 startup. And she's refreshingly forthright. We never were much for Talk Like a Pirate Day , but come September, we now plan to dress up as Mary Lou Jepsen.