A clearly flailing John McCain has just released his new Obama attack ad and boy, is it a doozy! Employing a risky "Obama is awesome...but is he too awesome?" strategy that seems designed to fail, McCain calls Obama "the biggest celebrity in the world" (because if there's one thing America hates, it's celebrities) and plays footage of Obama's massive rallies and beatific smile that could have come from an Obama b-roll itself. The only signs that something is amiss are the split-second shots of Britney and Paris spliced into the ad — inclusions that have baffled the reps for both washed-up celebutantes. Says the Huffington Post:

A representative from the 42West public relations firm declined to make a substantive comment to the Huffington Post, saying only, "why would we want to get Britney Spears involved in presidential politics?"

Why, indeed? Meanwhile, Hilton's parents can't be much happier with the ad attacking their daughter — after all, they donated the maximum $4600 to McCain's campaign. Unavailable for a comment, TMZ instead turned to the next best thing:

Former Paris Hilton impersonator Natalie Reid is weighing in on the new McCain commercial scandal. She tells TMZ, "McCain is obviously jealous cuz Obama's hot."

Meanwhile, a spurned Scarlett Johansson types furiously into her MacBook Air, sending the McCain camp an email ("John, I'm available!") that they, unfortunately, will never read.

Fake Paris Gets Real Serious About McCain [TMZ]