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Renaissance marketer and professional conference attendee Tara Hunt made the iffy judgement call of allowing San Francisco magazine to document her highly public relationship with open source jihadvocate Chris Messina. The article ended up detailing the pair's breakup instead. Worse, Hunt says laying her soul bare 140 characters at a time backfired on her in a way she didn't expect. I bolded the fun parts:

With openness comes vulnerability. Vulnerability in the sense of: ‘I’ve ripped my ribcage open for you to see my heart and if you reject it, I think I’ll die.’ And with that level of vulnerability I didn’t notice it happen, but a great deal of defensiveness set in. And it’s really effected many of my relationships. It plays itself out in really destructive ways such as: * Setting unattainably high expectations and then being highly critical when not met. * Instead of listening and having a normal discussion, shutting down completely in angry defensiveness. * Walking away from several professional opportunities because I didn’t think they ‘appreciated’ me. * General paranoia in the form of, “Everyone thinks I’m a space case” kind of garbage.