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♦ If you have the nerve to approach Anna Wintour at a public event and ask her an uncomfortable question, don't be the least bit surprised if tells you to get lost. [The Cut]
♦ Madonna's latest fashion faux-pas? A green Louis Vuitton dress by Marc Jacobs, which "looks as if someone poured a wheelbarrow of lawn clippings all over her," bitches fashion critic Hilary Alexander. "Just another horrific hiccup in the wardrobe of a woman of wealth, but no taste." [Telegraph]
Karolina Kurkova is the world's sexiest woman, according to E!, belly button or no belly button. [Reuters]
♦ Yes, it's 30 degrees outside, so why not distract yourself by watching footage of Brazil's Clara Rio Summer event, including Natalia Vodianova and Byrdie Bell showing off on the dance floor? [Vogue UK]

♦ Like poor innocent Kate Winslet before her, Gwyneth Paltrow was craftily duped into wearing fur. She explained to PETA's Dan Mathews that during a shoot for Tod's, "a stylist came up from behind and draped a stole around my shoulder. I didn't pay much attention to it, and when I noticed it was fur, I assumed it was fake fur, but did not ask, so it's my fault." Well, you can't expect someone so inexperienced and unworldly to know the difference between dead animal and nylon. [Vogue UK]
Stylista's Kate (the young, tearful one) is defending herself very assertively: "Luck isn't what got me this opportunity—and neither are my boobs." Relieved to hear it! [Elle]
♦ Sad: Bill Blass, the classic clothing company that's been around since 1970, has gone into liquidation. [WWD]
♦ Eighties trendsetter Romeo Gigli is launching a new line not under his own name, which he no longer owns, but under the less-than-snappy "io ipse idem." [IHT]