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It's almost impossible to believe that anyone would dare—or want—to do the "looking over the shoulder to scan the room" trick when talking to Fabiola Beracasa at a party, but no: "People do it all the time and it's so rude," says the beloved social fixture, who gives readers of December's Allure tips on how not to disgrace yourself this party season. (The article is not online, unfortunately.) As well as always maintaining eye contact with whomever you're talking to, her other directives include magnanimously ignoring a companion's mispronounciation of a politician or designer—"correcting her will embarrass her, and you'll look like a know-it-all"—and resisting making a big exit: "When people say goodbye, it can be a buzz kill... tell one or two close friends you're leaving, then quietly kiss the host good-night and go." Oh, Fabi, as if your sudden absence wouldn't kill a party anyway, but it's a point well taken for the rest of us.