Shaggy musician Ryan Adams recently announced his breakup with young singer Mandy Moore. But the temperamental blogger has nothing against ladies of a certain age, having once apparently hooked up with Courtney Love, 10 years his senior. So it's entirely plausible that Adams was being more than flirty with a certain British visual artist when, at some point this week, he posted to his mysterious Web server a page in the path "tracy_emin/this_ones_for_you_baby.html" and containing a piece of cosmic art involving a whole pizza pie. (It was attached the home page via a link entitled simply "Pizza.") Adams, after all, has been known to dedicate the song "Rip Off" to her. Only time — and photos — will tell. Adams himself, who has a track record of misleading the press about such things, most certainly will not. UPDATE: A hearty "thank you" to tipster Amy who emailed this in. (Photo by Piers Allardyce) [Ryan Adams]