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Once almost the sole preserve of women who wanted to know if that guy they'd met on was a trangendered serial killer or the father of their future children, now psychics and tarot card readers are enjoying a whole new client base: Men for whom rational approaches to making business decisions have turned out to be worse than useless, so why not ask the spirits for advice on which investments or real estate to buy and sell?

While nearly every other kind of business is struggling (well, except for hypnotherapists), mystics and clairvoyants can barely keep up with demand: The owner of, which offers phone consultations with experts, confirms that calls to psychics spike when the economy is down, while Manhattan psychic Roxanne Usleman says: "My phone is ringing off the hook." These busy fortune-tellers are finding that new clients are often "professional advice-givers themselves, in fields like real estate and investments."

So, if you were worried that the counsel you're currently receiving from your broker or real estate analyst was not necessarily to be trusted, relax! They've probably been to Madame Rosa and as a result will be armed with concrete, reliable insights into your financial future.

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