Did you hear the rumor about the Brazilian lottery winner? Supposedly a Brazilian immigrant bought a winning $126 million lottery ticket in Newark, but couldn't cash it in because they were illegal, so they passed it on to somebody else, now rumors are flying from here to South America, and nobody knows who has it, but everybody is so obsessed with looking for it, the media on two different continents is on the case, but maybe the whole thing is false. It's all a product of the ease with which the world communicates in this digital age, as well as a powerful statement on immigrants yearning for the American dream. One new clue is this actual sentence from a KKTV story about the Montauk Monster: "According to the Huffington Post, Gawker has raking in eleven billion page views since the picture came out Tuesday." So aren't we all really "lottery winners," in a way? [NYT]