David Kuo was the former special assistant to Bush and wrote a tell-all book about how the administration wasn't quite religious enough. Bill Bennett was the former Bush I drug czar who doesn't like abortion and gay marriage half as much as he likes Barbaro in the fifth. Together they're starting a new web magazine tentatively called LibertyWire, which Kuo has characterized as the right's answer to Slate. "We'll publish apolitical pieces," he says, "explicitly conservative and libertarian pieces and even an occasional left-of-center piece. We're committed to rendering the world as it is, engaging ideas rather than dismissing them, intellectual honesty and conciliation rather than polemic." Two movement conservatives entertaining opposing viewpoints in a chatty and friendly style? Very Slate-y. Today's Picture will always be a shot of footsteps on the beach. Laura Ingraham will obsess about the MSM's bias toward McCain. Explainer columns will be titled, "Does masturbation really cause blindness?" What other LibertyWire headlines should we expect? [The Plank]