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2,000 words on "Canadians who live in New York—sure, that's a trend" and yet the name "Sklar" does not appear once. You guys didn't do your homework. Still, we learned lots of other terrifying things about these foreigners and what they want from us: our jobs! Canadians, you see, are a mysterious and dangerous race of attractive young superbeings!

Canadian New Yorkers are generally in their 20s to 40s. They are more highly skilled and wealthier than the general population in the U.S. — and in Canada. As Mahmood Iqbal noted in a report for the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, these emigrants "are the best and brightest of the Canadian human resource pool."

Of course they all need to marry Americans so they can quit their terrible jobs as bankers and become bloggers without running into visa problems. So watch out! They're on the prowl, after your job and your sons and daughters!