"He's got this big thing in Berlin which looks like the, you know, something Hitler would put together" A moment of pity for professional blowhard John C. Dvorak. The guy had built an enviable career out of baiting Apple evangelists . Now that Apple pisses off its own customers, Dvorak needs to look elsewhere for someone to offend. His first target: The Obamatards who pack the Bay Area, stumping for Barack as fervently as they once did for Steve Jobs. By loosely comparing Obama's Berlin campaign event to Hitler's Nuremberg Rallies , Dvorak has proven it possible to break Godwin's Law , the no-Hitler rule of the Internet. Check out this audio clip from a podcast with Adam Curry [MP3]. Dvorak breaks through the Hitler barrier and keeps on going as bravely as Chuck Yeager cracking the speed of sound. It's impressive, but only until you realize a thousand talk radio hosts have been doing it all day for years. (Photo by AP/Jens Meyer)