Tyra Banks Pretends To Be Married To Barack Obama

  • Tyra Banks is to dress as Michelle Obama for Harper's Bazaar, thus ending all rumors about the prospective first lady being kind of crazy and off the handle. [NYM, P6]
  • Ryan Adams is supposedly a big jerk who doesn't bathe, Googles himself constantly and regularly verbally berated Mandy Moore. When presented with this allegation, this is the strongest his flack could muster: "I don't think any of that stuff is true." He sounds reasonably certain, people! [Post]
  • Rosie O'Donnell left her apartment door open! Dead?? Robbed?? Or just hiding hiding from Julia Allison? [Julia Allison]
  • Conrad Black's wife is shocked — SHOCKED — that Henry Kissinger was conniving and Machiavellian with regard to his friend Black. Who would expect that from Henry Kissinger?? [Post]
  • The CEO of Blackbook admitted models are invited to his New York and Miami apartments for "shoots," but said he's not around when the come by. Or at least he wasn't around at the shoot in Miami. [P6]
  • OK! and Us Weekly are supposedly sending "twice as many staffers" to the Democratic convention as to the Republican convention. Wait, OK! and Us Weekly are even going to the Republican convention? [Daily News]
  • When she's not making Anderson Cooper blush, CNN's Erica Hill will now sometime tease other people on the CBS Early Show, apparently. [TV Newser]
  • Someone's trying to develop a reality show about cougars in New York. [P6]