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If you thought your persistent lack of joie de vivre was due to the fact that you hate your job, are addicted to one or several substances, or your parents didn't love you enough, you'll be relieved to hear everything is probably your bra's fault. (If you're a woman, that is, otherwise, still one/all of the above apply.) Not that there can be many women left in the Western world unaware that they're wearing the wrong size bra, but just in case, a journalist has followed in the footsteps of many before her to visit a lingerie store, where needless to say she's scolded by a motherly saleslady with a tape measure who informs her—of course!—that she's a 32E, not a 36C. And a good thing too, as there's so much more than perkiness and cleavage depth at stake here.

Carelessly-fitted bras, apparently, not only cause back pain, restricted breathing, abrasions, breast pain, and poor posture, they also—sensitive/hypochondriacal readers might want to skip ahead—"constrict the lymphatic vessels and prevent proper draining of the breast tissue," potentially triggering cancer!

Almost as alarming, underwiring "crosses the body's meridians and blocks the flow of chi," according to acupuncturists, "which can cause energy to stagnate." We're not sure what blocked chi around the boobs might be responsible for, but in these uncertain times, why risk it?

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