Last year, we brought you the news of Williamsburg's hipster doctor, Jay Parkinson of Hello Health, who will diagnose you via the IM if necessary. Well, not really, that's just how you contact him—"by phone, e-mail, text, IM, or video chat." We're so glad we were able to be servicey: our favorite dating columnist/punching bag Julia Allison, who still hasn't applied for insurance yet, got an eye infection and ran straight to McDreamy:It was dutifully lifecasted.

"When I got to his cool new office, just off of the Bedford st stop, Jay said it didn't really look that bad, and gave me some sort of Cipro drops, which have already started to make a difference. Total cost? $0, if you're a member of their practice (which is very reasonable)... The ability to email and text your doctor, then walk right in and have him see you? Unbelievable."

Well, it IS great that he's helping the uninsured. Oh... but look, her visit has already made Dr. Jay's blog. Lifecasting! We're all lifecasting. HELP. (Please don't blog my upcoming "appointment," K?)